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OB-van Esterna 1 HD

Regia mobile HD con 3 telecamere

L’OB Van 1 è un mezzo snello e veloce HD 1080p e 1080i e dotato di 3 telecamere HD Grass Valley, Mixer Video For-a, BLT o EVS, Mixer Audio Yamaha M7CL, Intercom RTS Odin.






HDTV 1080p/1080i Cameras3Grass-Valley LDX86N
HDTV available lenses Canon172×9.3 Digi Super HD
111×4.7 wide
Fiber control camera units3XCU fiber with OCP 400
HDTV Digital Video Switcher1HVS-110 For-à
HDTV Videorecorders2XD Cam
HDTV Disk recorders1BLT / EVS 6 channels


HDTV Control MonitorsTV-Monitor LCD 40”, BVMA-14F5M Sony, LMD9050 Sony, LVM170 Tv Logic LMD 9030 Sony, R72P-2SD Marshall


HDTV Video Router1Multiformat 34×34 HD Pyxis SNELL
HDTV Video control instruments1Monitor Scope MS601AXW/SDI Hamlet
Main & Slave SPG Trilogy2Mentor XL with HDTV id and Mastermind automatic change over
Time code generator1Trilogy 5010 GPSII Evertz
Master Clock1Gorgy timing


Digital audio mixer1M7CL 32 ch Yamaha
Audio control instrument1RTW
Audio signal distributor Axon, Grass Valley
Hybrid CD player/Minidisk recorder1MDCD1MKII Tascam
Embedded4Axon HEB20 4 AES/EBU
De-Embedded2Axon HDB20 4 AES/EBU
Audio monitor48030A Genelec
2stereo audio monitor AM-03 AEQ
1stereo audio monitor AMP1A-LP10S
Phone-hybrid1AEV ITB 302
1Cellular Hybrid
1with monitor, amplified loudspeaker, intercom
Wireless UHF microphones3hand-held MTH300 Wisycom
3Lavalliere MTP30-L Wisycom


16 channels intercom1RTS Odin-16P
Full duplex In Ear Monitor1system w/4 pocket transceiver
Wireless-headset2mobile Motorola GM360
4mobile Motorola GP340
Commentator booth2AB100 Clearcom / Sonifex

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