OB-van with Up link Esterna 8 HD

Regia mobile HD con 8 telecamere

L’OB Van 8 è il meglio per la produzione e la trasmissione satellitare in HD. Antenna da 180 cm ADVENT con amplificatore allo stato solido, Encoder Ericsson AVP3000 Voyager, 8 telecamere HD LDK8000 Grass Valley, Mixer Video Kahuna, BLT o EVS, Mixer Audio Studer Vista5 M2, sistema Dolby e Intercom Eclipse Pico ClearCom.






HDTV 1080i/720p Cameras 8LDK8000 “WORLDCAM” Thomson
HDTV available lenses Canon 272×9.3 Digi Super HD
111×4.7 wide
Triax control camera units 8CCU Triax HDTV with OCP 400
Master control panel 1MCP 400 Thomson
HDTV Digital Video Switcher 1KAHUNA 3M/E 32 input with, GUI, HD DVE, 1 AUX Panel
HDTV Videorecorders 2XD Cam
HDTV Disck recorders 1BLT / EVS 12 channels
1BLT / EVS 6 channels


Control Monitors 2LED 42”
1LED 32”
2VR82DP HD/SDI Marshall
2QV171HD/SDI 17.0”
1TV Logic


Multiwiev KALEIDO 132×32 4 out MIRANDA
Video Router 1Multiformat 64x64XE4 HD/SD Quartz/Evertz
Video control instruments 1WFM 7100 HD Lcd Tektronix
Main & Slave SPG 2Mentor XL with HDTV id and Mastermind automatic change over Dynamic under monitor system Kaleido


Digital audio mixer1Studer Vista 5 M2
Audio Router164×64 Probel AES/EBU
Encoder e Decoder Dolby 5.11DP564 Dolby Digital®/Dolby Prologic II® audio decoder
1DP572 Dolby E® audio decoder
1DP563 Dolby PrologicII® audio encoder
1DP571 Dolby E® audio encoder
1DP570 Audio tool
Embedded6HEB 880 HD/SDI Axon 8 ch
De-Embedded2HDB 880 HD/SDI Axon 8 ch
Audio monitor58020A Genelec
17060B Subwoofer attivo 120W for Dolby Sorround
Phone-hybrid2AEV ITB 302
2Cellular Hybrid
Wireless UHF microphones3hand-held MTH300
3Lavalliere MTP30-L Wisycom


32 channels intercom1Clearcom Pico
Full duplex In Ear Monitor1system w/4 pocket transceiver Sennheiser
Wireless-headset2mobile Motorola GM360
4mobile Motorola GP340
Commentator booth equipment3AB100 Clearcom / Sonifex

UP LINK System (Ku Band Transmit)

Antenna1ADVENT Visilink Newswift HD 180 cm
Transmit System Ku Band 200W2HPA amplifier SOLID STATE Wavestream POB-KUE200 BUC
System Controller1ASC 5000
Encoder Ericsson MPEG4-4222AVP3000 Voyager MPEG-2 – MPEG-4
Decoder Ericsson2RX8200 MPEG-2 – MPEG-4

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